"This Aint New York"
"This is my first short film that I wrote directed and shot
Thank you for checking out "This Ain't New York" it's a harsh short film with a message at the end.

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Wednesday, December 3, 2008


One man video project on the fly

If you think this video has value, you can watch my short documentary for a $1.00 featuring the making of a glass ring in high quality streaming video. This will help me produce further videos
Order: gotart1fire.mov $ 1.00

Michael Palombo


Located in New Mexico, Michael is a Full Time Professional. Michael says; "I'm 20 year Artist, 10 year Glass Blower, and the last 2 years in the film industry. My on set work has mostly been sound technician" off set I'm an aspiring filmmaker, film distributor/entrepreneurs. I hope to bring more awareness to my talents as an artist, at the same time bring more awareness to the arts and other artist. Also attempting to raise funds for future projects." Contact by phone or email at 505-934-7592 or michaelfilmmaker@gmail.com

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Got Art
Order: gotart1fire.mov $ 1.00

Produced by Michael Palombo and directed by Michael Palombo and Rob Ellis. Short documentary on glass blowing in the modern world, featuring the process of making a glass ring. By purchasing this video for a $1.00 you will be supporting an artist and the future production of his work 10 Min, Released 2007 Distributor, Michael Palombo

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Nate said...

Why do you sell a video that you post on youtube? Its not even better quality then youtube.