"This Aint New York"
"This is my first short film that I wrote directed and shot
Thank you for checking out "This Ain't New York" it's a harsh short film with a message at the end.

The film was shot on a Canon XL2. If you would like to support the film click on the video above or make a donation below, or you can support the film by watching on payed VOD for $1 Here

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Friday, August 7, 2009

My First Speaking Role In A Film

Just wanted to share

First I wanna say thanks to this new and small group of artist of witch acting is an art that moves them deeply.

Some roles are more meaningful than others and my recent role of witch was my first speaking role in a film is why I'm excited and sharing this with you.

The film is called Mile 27 and it's a thesis short film for an already award winning student filmmaker Merilay Fernandez from New York.

Anton cast me for this role, of witch I was perfect having tattoos and a bit on the the skinny side. As I played a drug dealer that was a prisoner of some farmer out the middle of nowhere and I had to look like I had been locked in a rootseller for weeks, so it was also my first time in makeup.

Thanks for letting me share and thank you Anton for the great complement and opportunity

Complement from Anton via email
Merliay and Lance were very impressed with your performance on both sides of the camera.
Thanks for your professional participation and your decisive attitude.

It was a pleasure working with you! An example of things to come!

Friday, July 10, 2009

My Mothers Work, Michael Jackson

Yes I take after my mother in the way of fine illustration, I thought this would be a good time to display my mom's work reflecting another time and place. This illustration of Michael Jackson was done in 1984 in pencil by Pamala Maitreya.
My mother is open to selling prints

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Art Work On Flicker

My Movie Idea for a horror sci-fi
Hoping to get this film into the netflix submissions
Beyond the Mayan calender a dark age for man has come and a new creature walks the planet leaving small population of humans left to defend themselves against and evil spawned from the very essence humanity.
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